A tiefling ritualist


Elderly tiefling seer. She has served Kiris Alkirk for decades. While studying obscure historical texts, Treona found references indicating that there were originally nine slaying stones, not eight. Treona wants the adventurers to find and retrieve the remaining stone so she can destroy it using a ritual she has devised. Treona gives the characters a map and three identical ritual scrolls.

She tells them the ritual is attuned to the slaying stone, and shows a ghostly image of the item if it’s nearby. It’s best to use the ritual at the center of a building to search the whole area thoroughly. The ritual has a component cost of 25 gp, so Treona gives the characters 75 gp worth of alchemical reagents. She refuses to give the characters the ritual to destroy the slaying stone because she wants proof of its eradication. In a worse case scenario she would like the stone to be used against the town’s enemies and the remnants brought to her.

The characters complete this quest if they take the stone to Treona or bring her evidence of its destruction.

Though she and the other residents of Kiris Dahn abandoned the town years ago, Treona regrets leaving some of the books in the library. If the characters can find any of her beloved books


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