Rissa Noldor

Reformed gangster, now a devout follower of the Raven Queen. Concept - Goodfellas meets fantasy setting.


Part 1 The Streets of Amn

Ever since I was a kid I swore to myself I wouldn’t grow up poor. I was never going to live the horrible existence my mother had called a life. Staring out from the alley behind the whorehouse, the other children and I saw men who had real power. We saw the pimps and thieves and their expensive horses and robes. We all dreamed of that life. Ever since I was a kid I knew I wanted to grow up to be a gangster.

My mother was a whore and I never knew my father. My mother was weak and I watched her get disrespected and spit on too many times. She had beautiful Elven skin, but had to wear long robes to hide all the scars she had received from violent men taking advantage of her. I was always hanging around the whorehouse as a kid. Almost all of my friends were human. We were all bad kids. We were worse than that really, we were like a pack of young wolves that would attack anything weak that had food or a wallet.

I got pinched and thrown in jail for the first time when I was barely a teenager. I never had a knack for picking pockets, but was real good at making people hurt. I was caught when I beat a noble to death. He had paid extra money to get violent with my mother in the bedroom. I checked on her afterward to see if she needed a healer. She said she was fine, but I could tell she was holding back tears. I followed the noble home and bashed his skull in right in front of his wife and kids. I was covered in blood and brain when it was finished. I didn’t even notice his wife and child screaming until the man’s head was smashed open. It was the first time I had killed in anger, and I was sloppy as hell. I was sprung from jail by a guard on the take. Right after that I was asked to join the gang.

I learned my trade from the best. I learned from Two-Fingers Whethand who would finish his assassinations with plucking his victims eyes out. He had a big bowl full of eyes in his house that I had mistaken for olives once. I learned how to navigate the sewers form Johnny Rat who once spent the better part of his fortune having rat tail magically fused onto his ass. He claimed it helped him balance as he ran through the tunnels, but I think it was a sick sex thing. John the Face was the most ruthless gangster I had ever met. He would often leave his victims alive for days in remote parts of the city, all the while extracting more and more money for ransom. He always killed his victims and then would take out the people he was extorting money from. You don’t want to know how he got his nickname. They were all talented, ruthless and completely untouchable. They taught me the basics of my trade, and more importantly they taught me how to be a man.

The head of the family was and still is Count Vin. Rumor was that he had made a pact with a powerful demon to become the boss. Some say he isn’t human at all and actually a multi-dimensional being from the planes. It really doesn’t matter what he is, he is extremely powerful and to cross him is certain death. His hand reaches farther than death usually, his necromancers have done things to make people fear for not only their families lives, but their afterlives as well. He has a harem of countless wives and always travels with a large entourage of fierce pimps, assassins and mages. I once got a glimpse of him at a meeting. His skin was so pale you could see his veins in his cheeks and the cartilage in his ears. I think he was human, but his eyes were otherworldly. I never heard his voice. He sat at the head of the table and communicated telepathically his necromancers.

Rissa Noldor

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