Autumn - Victor Mazan


Lord of the Were… Murdered and Mutilated to prevent his resurrection. A simple lumberjack who by virtue of his bloodline was able to maintain the peace with the Eladrin after the War of the Pelt.

His people fled the world after centuries of persecution, coming to the Feywild where they were met with equal distrust and fear Eladrin Summer and Winter courts. Individual werefolk were hunted for sport by the Eladrin nobility. United under the leadership of Victor’s grandfather, Ronalt, the first WereKing, the warlike clans were able to take advantage of the disappearance of the Autumn Queen and carve some territory, small clan holdings from the vast wilderness that make up the Eladrin’s kingdoms. Life under Victor’s mother though was an unrelenting struggle, her husband having been speared to death after a brutal chase, she led a generation of the wild people in constant raids determined to harry and bleed the new oppressors just as they had her husband.

Victor upon becoming lord, saw the opportunity for changing the destiny of his people and sued for peace. Building upon the successes of his grandfather and mother he was able to force the Eladrin into an uncomfortable truce. Shatterstone, the seat of the Mazan clan had been trading the rare timbers of the area with merchants from the world, the Shadowfell and gnomes and some of the more Mercantile Eladrin families of the Feywild Though far from wealthy the frontier town was beginning to show the werefolk a manner of life which they had never enjoyed before and may never again now as signal fires light and the warriors of the were, unbridled strike out. The Eladrin reel… sending stones relaying messages and scrying pools revealing scenes from bloody raids to the seers of the Autumn Court who turn to an empty throne.


Autumn - Victor Mazan

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