Rissa Noldor Journal Entry 4

Into the barrow!

Dark clouds have filled up the sky. Alex, the shovel wielding mage, announced it to be death magic. Skali, Shortshanks, Alex and I plunged into the barrow. When I was in Amn, me and my crew would often go to grave yards and crypts to find treasure. Going into a barrow was a bit nostalgic and made me miss the guys back in my town.

The first room we were in had four suits of armor, a magical circle at the end and doors barred by flame. In the magical circle two fiery imps circled and mocked us. The circle disappeared and we charged into combat. Flame and acid shot from Alex’s hands and an imp cried out in rage. In retaliation it attacked him and filled him with poison. Skali called on his powers to heal us and slash at the living suits of armor with his sword. Shortshanks grappled with the suits or armor squeezing them apart and pulling them across the room. I tried my best to stab and destroy the dark entities.

After a long battle we destroyed everything or at least sent it back to what hell it came from. We descended the stairs and they led to a chamber with a swirling vortex of elements. Immediately fire, ice, wind and water elementals erupted from the center of the room. We dealt with them quickly and fled down the stairs.

At the bottom we met a powerful mage…



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