Rissa Noldor Journal Entry 3

We took off from Harkenwold and started making our way to the Glintshield Clan. On our way there we came to a crossroads and saw some hobgoblins dragging Kiris Alkirk into a cage. Skali immediately charged into combat. Shortshanks, Alex and I followed him in and started hacking them apart.

After the combat we talked to a local clerk named Milin Silver-Eye. I pulled one of my best sleight of hand maneuvers to take a throwing dagger from his shop and he caught me. I couldn’t believe it! It put me in a really bad mood that stayed with me all night and had terrible consequences for me the next day.

We then went to the city of Fallcrest. The city was fantastic! We went to a halfling bar where Shortshanks got lucky, we checked out the local smugglers and Alex impressed some locals with some amazing fortune telling.

I tried to impress the local smugglers by telling them about one of my connections from my hometown. I think it’s one of the only names I can drop safely. Ricklo the Cleaver ran a crew out of Amn that did jewelery scams. They would magically alter jewels to trick people into buying them for an inflated cost. If anyone complained they wound up chopped up in a back alley. When I left Amn I was still on talking terms with Ricklo, but I wouldn’t call him a friend. I feel a lot more light-hearted after leaving Amn and that city of violence. My recent adventures have brought forth a real adventurous streak that I didn’t know I had. The thrill of a robbery or a heist isn’t the same as going into a dungeon or facing ferocious beasts in combat.

In Fallcrest I managed to drink myself into a depressed stupor. The next day I was terribly hungover, but ventured out anyway. We rand into a dwarf named Iron Hews, he was part of a caravan heading the same way we were. He told us stories of adventure in a nearby tower. The idea planted in our minds and we immediately went off in search of the tower. We found bandits there and immediately began killing them. The battle was fierce, I had to retreat at one point and rain down shurikens on the foes from a safe distance while my blood was rapidly draining from my wounds.

The adventure continues…



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