Diary Entry - Fey Forest, 6 months on the run

Rissa Noldor (August 25th, 2101 Session)

Diary entry – sixth month since leaving Amn -

On the road towards town we ran into some children. Their race was hard to determine because they had Elven features and a green tint to their skin. It made all made sense when we met their parents. Their mother was ruder than hell, must have been the Orc half of her. I wonder if that makes her kids a quarter Orc, probably wouldn’t matter to most ignorant humans. The kids invited us to their parent’s house and we followed them into the forest.

When we followed the children, we went from a dark foreboding forest to a peaceful glade in the Fey. It was beautiful, and even more wondrous than the way my mother had described it. My mother told me stories about the Fey and its inhabitants when I was young. Her face always softened when she talked about her life among the Elves. She never told me why she was exiled, but I suspect it was part of some type of intrigue among the Elven elite. When she was dying I found a diary she kept. After reading it I uncovered the names of the nobles involved in getting her exiled. I can feel my heart come alive when I think of strangling the life out of them and watching their eyes go dead.

We met the children’s parents, stayed for a wonderful meal and then helped them with their chores in the morning. Nothing lifts your spirits more than being able to see the world through children’s eyes. I was able to forget all the troubles I left behind in Amn temporarily.

The half-Orc wife told us about watchtowers and Kobolds in the area and the threat to their children. We happened to stumble upon Kobolds near their house the next day. I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say that I felt more than happy to take care of the foul creatures. It feels good to murder for a good cause.

We found a staircase leading underground. We decided to explore it. When I was a younger man I had much more caution and would probably not follow anyone into a dark dungeon. Escaping and joining this group of adventurers has started to change me.

It occurred to me that it’s been six months since I left Amn and was released from protection. I gave the city officials so much information on Count Vin, a.k.a. ‘The Black Hand of the Docks’ that they had court wizards teleport me far from town so I could have a good head start fleeing from the city. I feel bad about leaving the old crew behind me. A day hasn’t gone by that I haven’t worried what had happened to them. When we were all rounded up we were taken to different interrogation rooms and from there I haven’t seen a single one of them.

_Written in Elven shorthand _- Note for future reference – Skali seems to have a bad reaction from alcohol. He slept instantly after just one drink.



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